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First and foremost we are farmers, and caretakers of our little spot here. We are thankful to our Heavenly Father for His provision. As a family, we are all about educating, and helping others. It can be difficult to feed a family or group of people in this economy, and in many places around the world. It is our passion to help.  We realize that we are an unusual collection  of life experience, education and profession.  Had we been told years ago that we would have this unique blend, I would have though it not possible.  But here we are, and can see the hand of God prepared us for a life of service to others, in a unique way. When led by the Lord, we have spent time helping those in need in the different countries by designing and building aquaponics systems to feed small and large group, and even helped put sustainable farming systems in place. We also teach those people how to successfully manage them.  We will do the same in the USA.  We have also taught aquaponics in juvenile detention facilities, for community resiliency events and other groups in the USA.  We have helped set systems up, and teach vermicomposting at alternative and main stream public schools, colleges, clubs and for WIC Gov’t agency and  abroad. We have given workshops on Growing Fodder sustianably. We will soon be holding workshops on growing sustainable alternative feeds, to help others, gain the knowledge and skill to be able to sustainably feed their own livestock on a tight budget. We live what we teach.  We are so pleased to be able to teach about aquaponics, vermiculture, raising your own sustainable foods for your family and/or your livestock. Please feel free to look around this website for specific information.  If you do not find the information you need, on our website, please send us an e-mail with your quest for information.

Please be patient as we  squeek out the time to build this site.  We live life to the hilt, and don’t spend it behind a computer screen. There is always plenty to do: farm fowl and critters to care for, crops to tend, cleaning, fish to feed, and redworms to wrangle…and of course fun to be had.

On this site you will find information on:

Redworms/Vermicomposting – “Vermiculture and vermicomposting” we are famous in our area for all things redworms.  You’ll find it here.  Workshop dates, information about all things redworms and redworm IMG_0945composting.  How to do it.

In the Garden/Greenhouse – What is growing now.  We areiPod pics 050 famous for our edible flower crop. We are becoming well known for our pea shoot crop that makes the best pesto ever! We grow microgreens and fodder. Always naturally grown. You can too!

 Our Farm Fowl – iPod pics 037 We will feature just some of the gang here.

Aquaponics – Better than organic!  Crops and fish together. Indoors and outdoors. We grow crops quickly and densely. You can too.Aquaponics Fresh From the Farm Logo Picture

Nature’s Bounty – What we are currently harvesting from the natural bounty cropped-img_0744.jpgof our place. There is a lot out there. Take a look.

Workshops and Events – Here is where you will find

Tim and Deanne teaching the Into. to Aquaponics Class

Tim and Deanne teaching the Intro. to Aquaponics Class

listings of events we are participating in, and also the workshops that we give…usually on vermicomposting or aquaponics.




Our Store – Here is where we have what is available.  We are dedicated to helping make your gardening efforts a success!  We offer many items to help make it possible.