Contact Us

If there is any information on this website you wish to use or copy or transfer, please contact me for permission first, and wait to see if it is granted..  I am friendly and DO want to help others out, but I also want to protect my  work, and discoveries.

We feel we have just leaped off the cliff into the age of modern technology, and just got past using cups and strings for communication. Cups and Strings admittedly have decided limitations (but are fun!).  We have been on dial-up  internet (32 kbps for years), and just got high speed internet in our area..(still no TV or Cell phone reception)…To that end, we would be thrilled to ‘hear’ from you via e-mail.

Or you can drop us a note via snail mail:

Fresh From the Farm 

 P.O. Box 815

Stevenson, WA.  98648


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