Farm Store – Fresh from our farm to you!

To order, please contact us by e-mail at

Redworms – We can ship anywhere in the USA except Hawaii. We raise Eisenia fetida redworms. If you are local to the Columbia River Gorge we can arrange for you to get them directly from us.  Please contact us at the e-mail address below.. redworms

1000 Ct. (weighed out at one pound)

500 Ct. (weighed out at 1/2 pound)

Contact us at for process and more details.

Our Redworm Compost Kits available locally through us (inquire about Vermicompost system ad 002). If you are in the Gorge, we can arrange for you to get them directly from us ( contact us via e-mail).

– Complete with redworm compost bin, 1000 live redworms,  starter bedding, drip tray, wooden discs, instruction, and e-mail Q/A support.

  • We occasionally have ‘abbreviated’ kits for sale.  A bit less, to fit in any budget.

Aquaponic Vertical Unit – $125    This is a low footprint /high volume production aquaponics unit. Ideal accent for a patio, garden or balcony. Grow plants and fish together in an organic,  symbiotic system.Our new Barrel vertical tower AP unit May 10 2014

It comes with:

  • 15 gallon tank & support
  •  Sump base
  • Plumbing completely assembled
  • Three 20″ vertical growing towers and growing media and hooks
  • Submersible pump (electric)
  • Instructions and e-mail Q/A support

Vertical growing units are great because there can be a higher volume of plants grown per square foot of ground space because you are growing vertically rather than horizontally.   The three 20″ towers is equivalent to a 12 sq. ft.  garden plot, although its foot print is just 1 1/2 sq. ft..  Aquaponically grown plants can be grown much more closely because there is no competition for nutrients and water. Aquaponically grown crops grow in 1/3 less time than conventionally grown crops, and use 90% less water than conventionally grown crops. This is a very efficient way to grow food! It is also a great way to grow a live mass of beautiful flowers if you wish to grow for ornamental purposes.

Barrel Tower system May 2014

Barrel Tower system with fish may 2014


Growing towers  Additional growing towers with media  for the unit above available for $15 each


Moringa oleifea tree seedlings temporarily availablemoringa seedlings growing

Seedlings $3.00 each and up depending on size

These trees will be available for local pick up. Shipping also available.

For more information on moringa plant-in-handsMoringa trees, see the info on our moringa seedling close upwebsite in the drop-down menu above in “In the Garden/Greenhouse”,  or use the link:  .



Contact us at .




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