Into the kitchen

What would this site be without a “this is how we use” page…After all, the garden we grow is to look at outside AND on our plates

Berry good Purslane/blueberry smoothie.

Starting off, grabbing a bunch of purslane ( this year we have a choice of two domesticated varieties and our wild purslane),and some blue berries and a banana and/or apple, we have the makings of a smoothie that is very tasty and packed with anti-DSCF1142

oxidants from the purslane and the berries as well as a punch of nutrients from each of these ingredients.  The purslane has the added benefit of acting as a thickener, so our smoothie keeps its consistency even if it sits a few minutes and the ice melts!  The photo shows our smoothies…


Pesto!       So much fun!  So many varieties and all packed with mouthwatering flavor.  Some are savory some are sweet. We avoid the run-of-the-mill plain basil pesto (but we pesto at Farmers MktDO like it!).   We use various combinations of pea shoots, sunflower shoots, garlic, green onion, kale, beets, purslane, raspberries, blueberries, black berries, mint, parsley, cabbage, basil.  We also use sunflower seeds instead of nuts, since we want our friend who are allergic to nuts to be able to enjoy our pesto too!  We use olive oil and sometimes balsamic vinegar!  The recipes……That is our secret… The photo shows our pesto at the local Farmer’s Market.  It freezes well!

What to do with the pesto…

+It goes great on pasta.  A quick and nutritious addition to any pasta, and an explosion of flavor. We really enjoy our original pesto blend (Peashoot Pesto) on pasta.

+ Just grab a spoon!  Many tell us that the roasted beet pesto never makes it home…It is soooo delicious!  Just eat it straight from the container.  But it is also great on sandwiches, in salads, and as an accompaniment to meats..

+ The Blueberry/Rosemary pesto is especially good with chicken or turkey, but is a great compliment to salads and sandwiches.






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