Our farm fowl

We raise our farm fowl with love. We feed them barley, duck weed, redworms, black soldier fly larva, fodder we grow and farm greens.  Our silkie hens are used to help incubate our coturnix quail eggs.DSCF1088DSCF1087 We finish the quail hatching process in our incubator.  Our quail (Bob Whites and Coturnix) provide us with eggs and meat….and of course we have chickens and sometimes we have peafowl.

Look what’s cookin’, at our place just before Spring 2016:

Chicken eggs in new incubatorWe had to get a new incubator because the old one ‘died’ after years of great use.  We had hatched peafowl eggs, chicken and countless quail eggs.  Since our old Little Giant Incubator gave us so many years of good service, we decided to get another one, but a more deluxe model, this time with an automatic egg turner, heater and fan, with digital temp/humidity  monitor.  It is full of a variety of chicken eggs.


Summer 2014 we are hatching a new crop of coturnix quail. Hatch June 29 2014 -2And we have been fortunate to get some fertile chicken eggs from fellow local farmers as well, allowing us to up date our chicken flock, adding some breeds that will be broody and also some ‘dual purpose’ birds ( eggs and meat).  We are adding some Jersey Giant chickens this year.

Two days old Coturnix quail. One day old Jersey Giant chick.

Two days old Coturnix quail. One day old Jersey Giant chick.

Even as hatchings the Jersey Giants (which are supposed to be the largest chicken breed) dwarf our hatchling quail.



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