By Deanne Converse

Even though redworms do not have backbones, vermiculture and vermicomposting is the backbone of our farm.  There is a plethora of info about redworms and vermicomposting on the drop-down menu. We do give vermicomposting wokshops and  do consulting.  We do have redworm composting kits, redworms, worm castings and freshly brewed worm casting tea available.

How big is our operation?  We run a commercial scale vermiculture operation (redworm farm).  It is common for us to fill multiple orders at a time of  24 POUNDS of redworms (and more)  for the orders we fill.  We also truck out bulk orders for worm castings.  We are not so removed from the homescale version of vermicomposting and vermiculture though. We do keep small vermicomposting bins in operation at our place too. Teaching the apartment dweller, the gardener and farmer the scale of vermicomposting to fit their needs is our passion.  Even though  we have a scientific educational background, we make it our business to keep up on the latest research on the subject matter ( Yes, I really read scientific papers).  However we are dedicated to making the information easy to digest and use at home and in the field.

We have taught vermiculture and vermicomposting worldwide for many, many years.  We have taught in schools, to clubs, university classes, for government organizations, and  at events,  and in foreign countries by invitation.  It is all our pleasure!

On our farm the redworms keep our garden growing and are also a source of food for our farm fowl and fish. We want to be sure others can experience this benefit at their places too.

On the drop-down menu there is lots of information available about:

– – Redworms 101 – basic info about redworms and worm composting

— Worm casting tea – What is it.  What is it for? How to use it. How to make it.

— Worm castings – What are they.  How to harvest worm castings.  How to use worm castings.

— Worm Composting (vermicomposting) Basics – What is vermicomposting? How to do it.


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