Alternative Sustainable Feeds Seminar Registration Form, Session July 28, 2018

Alternative Sustainable Feeds Seminar Registration Form

If you have difficulty with this form, please send us an e-mail and we can send this to you in a Word Document attachment to fill out and return.    

Seminar date: July 28, 2018, Saturday

      Please cut and paste this page if e-mailing registration.  Or print it if mailing it to us. Class details are on our main Events page:

When:  All day July 28, 2018   9am – 5pm

Where: Thayer’s Farm   1201 Smith-Beckon Rd., Carson, WA. 985610

See what to bring with you on the events page in the class description….

Name of person(s) being registered:___________________________

Mailing address:________________________________________________________ Phone number to reach you at in case of cancellation:______________________  E-mail and/or cell number to text to, so we can reach you to confirm we received your application and payment  ____________________ _________________________

You can return the completed application with payment to us in the mail. Or you can send this completed application to us in an e-mail, and get the registration fee to us via Paypal,  US Mail or in person.

Please indicate below which method you prefer to use:

Payment enclosed  with application going through US mail.  I am sending you a:    Personal Check [  ],   Money order [   ],   Cash [   ]    Please make checks/money orders payable to Deanne Converse.

Payment  through Paypal [  ]  use “Friends and Family’ to

 Registration and Payment Selection: Check one of the following:

[   ]  I am returning this completed application to you through e-mail and will send my class registration payment to you through : Paypal [  ],  US Mail [  ] – or – in person [  ] in person for acquaintances only.

[    ]  I am returning this completed application to you through US mail and will send my seminar registration fee to you through :  PayPal [  ].   US Mail  [    ] enclosed with application, -or – in person [  ] for acquaintances only.

Paypal payments: use ‘Friends and Family’ to  Please indicate “Alt. Sus.Feeds” in the comments.

Cost Of class:  $50 per person, $65 for married couples (or two immediate family

Amount of payment enclosed :_________________

Please return this application via e-mail at   Contact us via e-mail if you have questions.. Contact us if you wish to have a registration form sent to you via e-mail. If you have a questions, or need to speak to a real live person leave a message at 360-990-2466, and we will return your call.

If you are mailing your fee, or sending your registration fee and application to us, please mail it to :

Deanne Converse,   P.O. Box 815,     Stevenson, WA. 98648

Please make checks or money orders payable to Deanne Converse


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