Fully Loaded Worm casting Tea

By Deanne Converse                                      This article may not be copied or transferred in anyway in whole or in part without the permission of the author.

How did we develop this formula?

Soft steel drum music and sweet floral scents on the air waft up the lush tropical mountainsides punctuated by brightly plumed birds calling to each other.  The camera zooms in on happy indigenous people picking leaves and a friendly camera-ready persona that obviously does not know how to sweat, steps up and chimes in on how an ancient formula has been shared by these people who got the secret directly from the trees themselves…

Now back to reality.   No amount of music will change the fact that we came upon this formula through our own old fashioned scientific research and evaluation, sweat and   Univ. Schooling (a long time ago- back when the Flintstones were chiseling tablets).  In doing research for our Honduras project, and for a fencing project  we put the information together and came up with our new formula.

We sweat, we get dirty, we get wet when we make our Worm casting tea.  It is not a glamorous process, but the results are oh-so-worth-it! We have this formula available for local pick up….The rest of the world will just have to wish…

Worm castings – all our worm castings natural goodness and  natural plant growth hormones (auxins and gibberellins).  We start with our own worm castings from wormbeds on our family farm. Worm castings contain more plant available nutrients than any other fertilizer, compost or manure, and are completely clean.


Willow Water – contains natural plant growth hormones that stimulate root growth and resistance.  Some pretty amazing stuff! Our formual starts with willow water, but it is our secret as to how we do this….Made from willow we sustainably manage on our acreage.

The term willow water brings these images to mind the winged image……imagesH4PJI7R4

We use willow because it naturally contains the following beneficial hormones:

Indolebutyric Acid is a hormone that stimulates root growth.

Salicylic Acid   is a plant hormone which is involved in signaling a plant’s defenses. It is involved in the process of “systemic acquired resistance” , where an attack on one part of the plant induces a resistance response to pathogens (triggers the plant’s internal defenses) in other parts of the plant. It can also trigger a defense response in nearby plants by converting the salicylic acid into a volatile chemical form.


Moringa Oleifera     – This is a tropical plant we work extensively with in the tropics in our sustainable agriculture projects. We have been so impressed with it, we have brought it to the PNW. We have grown it from seed right here on our farm….It truly is a miracle plant.  One of its great attributes is that it contains the growth hormone Zeatin.  Research and field tests show that zeatin from moringa increases crop production 20 – 30 % when used as a foliar application on other plants.  That means MORE tomatoes, more corn cobs, etc.., not just bigger plants.  How we add it to our Fully Loaded Worm Casting Tea is our secret.


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